AP CS Principles – Elevator Pitch

Here is a pitch I shared at the College Board’s AP Conference opening keynote from July 2013.  It was created by Owen Astrachan, Pat Yongpradit, Tiffany Barnes, Dan Garcia, Frank Hulsman, and Seth Pizzo at a CS Principles workshop.

I’d like to tell you about a new course for creating educated cyber-citizens, able to thrive in a world where computing is changing how we live and think.  Even more than writing code, this course is about innovation and impact. It’s about understanding how health care is changing because computer algorithms and programs have helped make genomic, person-specific medicine possible. It’s about reconnecting with folks you haven’t seen in 20 years and staying connected with folks you met 20 minutes ago. It’s about bringing our mobile devices along with us so we can read, connect, play, and learn anywhere, anytime. It’s about using the power of collaboration and crowd-sourcing to change the world. We can do this by learning about how computer science is used as a lever to move our world. In no other era has technology empowered students to participate in creative acts than now, and it’s all because of computer science. No matter what career paths students take, computer science can help them make new things and solve problems. Computer science becomes much more powerful when people from diverse perspectives work together to create solutions. Students will learn all of this in a new course that every student should take. This course is called AP CS Principles. Offer it at your school.

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