CS Principles: Rating a Shoe 

Which shoe to pick?  Students approach this problem computationally.  Click here for the presentation.


Visit Website I want to develop students into creators of the technology they use, not merely users. Students with various programming backgrounds learned and applied computer science concepts to create video games and applications that address social causes. Some students have even put their programs on the Windows Phone 7. XNA Game Studio, packaged with more »

The Gazette 

Visit Website Yongpradit has created a digital learning environment where students don’t simply use computers to look up facts and figures. They confront or create problems to solve, and then use not just their software knowledge but their ability to craft interesting environments and find solutions within them. He designs his curriculum and projects to more »


View Website I love creating stuff, and that’s what you do in computer science on a daily basis. You get fast, concrete results. And a lot of the entertainment that we enjoy these days is based off of computer science and programming, so it just feeds into my lifestyle as well.

Daily Edventures 

View Website “For Pat Yongpradit, a 2011 Microsoft Partners in Learning Global Forum participant and a 2010 Microsoft Partners in Learning Worldwide Innovative Educator, teaching computer science is about much more than programming.”