CS Principles and CS Pedagogy at CS4HS 8.5.13 

This is a presentation not just about CS Principles, but about inquiry, equity, and pedagogy in the CS classroom.   Teachers learned about all of this by doing two famous activities from the Exploring Computer Science curriculum.  Download the ppt and accompanying materials: CS Principles Presentation at CS4HS UMBC 8.5.13

AP CS Principles – Elevator Pitch 

Here is a pitch I shared at the College Board’s AP Conference opening keynote from July 2013.  It was created by Owen Astrachan, Pat Yongpradit, Tiffany Barnes, Dan Garcia, Frank Hulsman, and Seth Pizzo at a CS Principles workshop. I’d like to tell you about a new course for creating educated cyber-citizens, able to thrive in a world where computing is more »

CS Principles: Computation in Action Presentation at CSTA 2013 

CS Principles:Computation in Action is a curriculum sponsored in conjunction with the CSTA and Microsoft.  Download the presentation from the CSTA Conference 2013:  CS Principles – Computation in Action Presentation – CSTA 2013

AP CS Principles Curriculum Preview Lessons – Now Available 

CS Principles: Computation in Action — Preview Curriculum CS Principles: Computation in Action, lesson resources sponsored in conjunction with the CSTA and Microsoft, engages students in socially-relevant, project-based learning activities designed to foster computational thinking within the Big Ideas and Concepts of the AP CS Principles course: Creativity, Abstraction, Data, Algorithms, Programming, Internet, and Impact.  Download the more »

CS Principles Sample Lesson using the 5 E Inquiry Approach 

What does inquiry look like in the CS Principles classroom?  Download CS Principles and the 5 E Inquiry Cycle.  Read the notes section for each slide for information.

CS Principles Presentation at CE21 MD Summit 

CS Principles will save the day when it comes to CS education! Find out more about it at csprinciples.org Download the pdf of my presentation from the CE21 Spring Summit at University of MD, Baltimore County.

State of Computer Science – National, State, MCPS 

Here is a presentation I did for the MCEA Technology Workshop on May 2nd, 2013. Special thanks to the ACM, BLS, Computing in the Core, College Board, and ExploringCS.org for their statistics.  Download the pdf.

Partnerships That Work in Celebrating Students 

On Wednesday, August 10th, I was invited to speak to members of the Washington, DC Boys and Girls Clubs at the new Microsoft Innovation and Policy Center.  See the full blog at the Huffington Post.

Gameful Education: Playing School as a Game 

Gameful education structures the learning experience from the perspective of game design. It isn’t about educational games, or about playing games in school, but playing school as a game.  See the full blog at the Huffington Post.

Innovative Educators, Innovative Relationships 

The Microsoft Innovative Education Forum (IEF) celebrates innovative uses of technology in education. But the most important contribution teachers offer their students and each other, a relationship, often goes unspoken… See the full blog at the Huffington Post.